Drug Discovery for Neglected Tropical Diseases

There is a compelling scarcity of pharmaceutical agents for efficacious, safe, and affordable treatment of neglected infectious or tropical diseases despite their high prevalence in the developing world. The current challenges in effective management of neglected diseases being the toxicity of drugs, microbial resistance patterns, and long courses of treatments. Factually Drug discovery is a comprehensively risky, lengthy and complex process. Interpreting the discovery of a novel therapeutic target into a clinical candidate can take several years. The regular drug discovery process require the synthesis and evaluation of thousands of compounds for activity testing against multiple numbers of targets and off-targets. Starting from early discovery experiments, followed by translational studies in various animal models and then to clinical trials, there appears to be something wrong in this translation. The drop out of molecules when moved through the development chain, despite showing very promising activities in the invitro models is high. The burden of drug discovery and development has fallen extensively to academic scientists and researchers who are involved in so-called translational research. A few focused private-sector groups, and some public–private partnerships, such as Medicines for Malaria Venture along with Drugs for Neglected Disease Initiative and the Institute for One World Health, and many more getting collaborated to overcome the Neglected Tropical Diseases.

  • Identification and screening of libraries
  • Pharmacology and pharmacodynamics
  • Target-based approach
  • Phenotypic approaches
  • Medicinal chemistry approach

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