Translational Strategies to Prevent Neglected Tropical Diseases

The World Health Organization has already declared 17 major pathogenic and related infections as the neglected tropical diseases. Despite various achievements in the understanding of the nature and universality of NTDs, as well as successes in recent scaled-up preventive chemotherapy methods and other health involvements, the NTDs continue to rank among the world’s foremost global health problems. For virtually all of the NTDs, additional control mechanisms and various advanced tools are needed, including, vaccines, diagnostics, and vector control agents and new NTD drugs strategies. Elimination will not be possible without implementation of various innovative tools. Here we will discuss some of the key challenges in translational science to develop and introduce these new innovative technologies in order to ensure success in global elimination efforts.

  • Basic orientated clinical research
  • Disease orientated clinical research
  • Patient orientated clinical research

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